"Application not found" when double clicking on ANY folder on ANY drive in my Win10 System


Dec 13, 2017
Hello, I downloaded a trial version of CyberGhostVNP and everything went to hell, as soon as the installation completed several windows popped up and I began getting bombarded with ads, after "ctr+alt+delete" and using task manages "end task" to get a jump on the pop ups it must have installed or been installing other items in the background because my computer "restarted" normally, and when it came back up to the desktop my MS defender was disabled and I cannot turn it back on, when I try to click on any folders on any of my drives I get this error "Application not found". I purchased Malwarebytes and used another one of my computers to make the purchase, download it and put it on a flash drive. Then I installed it on the computer with the problem and let it run. It is odd as I can right click and then left click on "open in new window" and the folders open just fine. Malwarebytes found several threats and removed them, restarted and ran again, but I am still getting this "Application not found" message when trying to open any folder. Oh, and my "System Protection" tab disappeared as well so i can not do a system restore. Any ideas?


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I wonder if system restore is still around.

go to settings/update & security/recovery
under Advanced Startup, click the restart now button
this loads a blue menu at startup
choose troubleshoot
choose advanced
choose system restore. roll back to a date if there is one before date of install

Problem with this is we don't know if it was just malware that piggybacked its way onto system. I would think about downloading Bit defender Free and let it act as a 2nd opinion to Malwarebytes