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Nov 3, 2019
I am working with application virtualization now and I need to have different instances regarding the internet. I would appreciate big help related to the internet configuration of the sandboxie instances (original software running in appdata roaming).
I have a software to have multiple IP address cards and to assign them to .exe files only, and I have tried to create portable .exe files, but I have not big knowledge in Turbo Studio, so I am working on it. I am familiar with the Virtual Box Oracle and with the Vmware, but please read the whole stuff.
What I am looking for would be the final result of sandboxie instances (let's say 3+) having all the different network configuration in terms that the original software is behaving through sandbox instancing as a separate software, so 3+ separate softwares that are not in (when it comes to the internet) mutual connection one with eachother?

I ve tried to use the command blockport=*,(the port I am using to the internet - the function is as described in the documents - blocking all ports except the one I am allowing) ... however, without results. I've tried it in a sandboxie plus, too.
It simply does not work. All I need is that I can assign an specific IP to the specific instance, so that instance behaves differently than the original and the rest of the instances.
Do you have any suggestions based on Sandboxie (plus) configuration editing to turn it somehow for my needs?
Or do you have any suggestions based simply on what am I looking for? Maybe using simultaneously more user profiles in Windows 10 (I ll google somehow) would be the best choice for this type of application virtualization? Or any software alternatives?

P.S. I am not using it for anything illegal. That is what that kind of person would say it firstly, well...
Anyway, I would really appreciate the help regarding the Sandboxie and this issue I have for a very long time.
Cheers! :)
P.S.2. Best health. :)


"I have a software to have multiple IP address cards and to assign them to .exe files only "

What software?

For Turbo Studio:

You may need to read other sections as well.


Are you able to diagram out your physical and virtual environments?

Something similar to what is shown in the following link?

I believe that your environment is simpler; however being able to provide some visual reference to what you wish to set up will prove helpful to you and to others who may wish to help.

Just a clear, labeled sketch showing hardware, VMs, and the IPs to be used withing the virtual environment. Post your sketch via imgur.
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Nov 3, 2019
Dear @Ralston18 ,

Thank you kindly for offering help.
I have now managed to answer only. I apologize.

ForcebindIP is the software that assign certain IP to a certain .exe program.
OpenVPN GUI allows having more IPs.
In this context: IP, that is a proxy or VPN.

In the meantime, I was working on Ubuntu, not on Windows.
Actually, one user posted a script using Python where he showed how to setup the proxies using Tornado. And he also had a script for the program that is actually a bandwidth renting program where he figured out how to get their tokens.
I've tried to set all that on Ubuntu flavour, and I even asked him for help, but although he accepted my friend request, he did not answer.
Basically, all he did, was by typing with Python.
Regarding the Python, I am a complete noob.
I will send the scripts to you, so you ll be able to see everything on github without downloading it even.

I am now on Windows 10.
I will look for Turbostudio, but probably the error is in the token and that token is a glitch that prevents the app from being cloned.
However, that link helped because Turbostudio is a huge application, and I just now see that I can have those options. I used it just for cloning the application.
Well, actually I think I could use that somehow in the Windows because the rates are higher, however I think you ll need to see as the application that I m trying to virtualize would be running in background on Windows versus running as a Docker image in Ubuntu. I set it all up in Ubuntu, but I m just dumb. I think I need to write a python batch file or python project for those "scripts" to work.

Regarding the software itself, I hope you understand they care only about the internet usage. And they have a rule that a maximum of 2 devices can share one IP. Basically, they are interested only in the bandwidth I give to them, and they even do not care if I give that bandwidth through proxies/VMs or any other way, because they are earning large sums on that. My IP wouldn't be compromised since it is dynamic and since I simply would be using proxies. However, even regarding my IP, I can have a list of all the people who use my IP. And I have more accounts in that application in hope to be successful. This basically is draining me, and I need money really much because of the schooling, but I am so stuck here.

Ah, I even wanted to become a support staff somewhere, like on Discord for it's users and etc.

Nevertheless,one guy told me that by having more instances in Docker, I would be more productive in the long run.
Right now, I just need more instances in Windows 10.
EDIT: I apologize, mistake. I will now make a diagram.
EDIT2: Here is the diagram.

Basically, instances wouldn't impact the other instances.

Well, I am sending you all, and you see.
Best regards and best health
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Thank you for the PM.

However, this is a community based Forum so the preference is to keep all communications within your post/thread.

Much of what you PM'd is relevant but goes outside of my "comfort zone" with respect to proxies, VPN, etc..

And the PM link that you provided appears to be more of a commercial nature.

Normally I simply copy and paste such PM's to the applicable thread.

Since you did not and could not anticipate a "public" posting of your PM I chose not do do so.

What you need to do is update your post here in the thread as you deem applicable for posting publicly.

Include the link but be aware that if the link is deemed commercial in nature then the link may be deleted. (I must recuse myself from that matter.)

Keeping the issues and questions you are presenting public is necessary. Especially if I commit some error of omission or commission - then someone will correct that error.

I also am leaning towards moving this thread to Open Source. That can be determined later depending on what you decide to post hereafter.
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Nov 3, 2019
Thank you.


This is what I have sent you. It does not have a commercial nature in terms of me posting something that would gain me profit without putting an effort?

I ve just sent you this, because I have found that. And later on I described you what may be the solution.
Regarding the proxies and VPNs, I understand your feelings and your comfort zone.

However, we still have a problem in the diagram mentioned above. Both you and me can see why I d be using proxies, so we are not doing anything illegal.
We still have a diagram problem to solve regarding the original question, I think you would agree on this?

Today, I've heared from the user finally. He basically explained that this github is not made for profit, but for him to manage his active, logged in sessions on Docker.

I ve also sent you a a description regarding his other project - using proxies. He explained that proxies can't be used with the software. He didn't explain why. And yes, the proxies can be used without violating the softvare agreement since they only care about the bandwidth - I or others rent to them. They only have a rule of one proxy/IP per two devices at maximum.

However, regarding the python command the user used to multiply his docker instances that I have sent to you - I can only say that the user told me that command is a part of the wider script - he didn't wish to gave me. (sometimes on the internet you can find people who would help you, and sometimes not, even in this category of helpfulness). He also said that token is basically for nothing. So the application cannot be cloned because of other things that makes her like that.

If I didn't reveal anything else out of our PM, please correct me?
If I have revealed all out of our PM, then you see that I am willing to keep a problem public.

Once, again, the diagram is still to be solved. I appreciate your willingness to help me, and I respect also your power of choice and will to opt out of helping whenever you find it ok, but I really need a help regarding this diagram and the problem.

I followed your instructions here.

Regarding the .exe, I will try to see what I can do in Turbo Studio, but since I've showed you a diagram that you requested, I think it would be appropriate to give me a feedback of it and how the problem can be solved in terms of what I have stated in this topic, cause as I have said to you, it has been pretty much draining for me to do this thing for a year and I am very determined to solve the puzzle.

By solving it, other people will also be able to get an idea, maybe.
Best regards.