Applications stop booting - Vista Ultimate 64bits


Aug 16, 2009

I recently installed Vista Ultimate 64bit, clean install, and i'm having some problems running some applications. There are no problems when i'm installing and running them until i shut down or restart my computer, then when i try to run them they simply don't do anything and the .exe file of said application loses 1 byte every time i try it (don't know if that means something but i thought it was strange).

At first i only noticed it with EssenceRO (a Ragnarok Online private server), so i thought it was a problem with the client itself, i just used the repair function in the installer and it worked (until i restart or shutdown again) . Then it happened with utorrent. Same thing. I have to reinstall it every time i restart or shutdown. I believe it affects Steam too, but instead of not working it updates (i guess the program recognizes whatever it's missing and just downloads it). And just now i installed Titan Quest Immortal Throne from Steam, and it's the same, doesn't do anything and the .exe loses 1 byte every time i try.

Thanks for any help. :bounce: