Question Applications won't work after hard drive disconnected / priority of HDD recovery process?


Jul 2, 2013
Hard drive disconnected and things started happening. Doesn't feel like the type of hdd situation I've had in the past. Details:

z87-gd65 mobo
i4770k the best cpu ever
gigabyte 1070gtx
32 gb ram
seasonic 650watt power supply [ ]
win10 20h2

C:\ 512 ssd: windows and programs that didn't want to be installed elsewhere
G:\ 128 ssd: couple of games
E:\ 1tb hdd: programs and some data
H:\ 1tb hdd: data
I:\ 3tb hdd: backup and some games

In the past, H: and I: have sometimes silently dropped, and I've had to open the case and jiggle a cord to get them to reconnect. This stopped happening and I always assumed it was bad cord management on my part.
E drive is where most of my programs are installed, and for some reason a lot of my data despite my intention to us H for data.
E has recently suddenly gone dark, and never had the problem before, so I cracked open the case and prodded some wires around.
By taking H out and putting it into an external case, I can boot the pc from C drive and all drives show up including E. This might not be the only way to mount E but it's the one that worked and thus I'll stick to as I'm in the danger zone.

No Apps installed on E want to launch. My backup service is installed on E, and does not want to launch. The system seems to freeze up as if it knows the drive is there, but can't connect to any of the apps.
I have most of the items on E already backed up in a couple of places though slightly out of date. I am attempting to get another backup while I'm still able to access the drive.
Currently Disk Management says E: is a healthy ntfs partition, but night before last it was showing up as unknown, not initialized, unallocated.

1- Since C is working, what should I do about all of the programs installed on E that won't launch? Poke them? Uninstall them? Haven't attempted anything with them yet aside from launching and having nothing happen.
2- I have a replacement for E ready to slot in. Should I do that then try to mount E externally and finish any safety backups?
3- E is transferring files at only 20kb - 1mb per second. Is this a sign the drive is dying, or is the drive being manhandled by windows (or something else). How can I tell what the drive is actually doing aside from staring at a progress bar? Sometimes it will break up into 70mb/second for no reason and sustain. Sometimes it acts like it's not even there, though the system says it's there.
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Hard drive disconnected and things started happening.
if drives are "disconnecting" for no reason you definitely have an issue that needs to be corrected.
it's dangerous to let these type of problems go on for any length of time at all.
this can be dangerous to the drive depending on what's causing it and dangerous for your data also.

possibly issue with the motherboard's SATA ports,
the cables themselves,
possibly the power supply's SATA power.

try different cables,
different SATA ports,
if a modular PSU try different SATA power connections.

if the cables aren't staying connected properly you may need better.
some cable management can also help sometimes. if your cables are bent, twisted, stretched, mangled, etc it can damage lower quality versions.

what Seasonic PSU model?
what should I do about all of the programs installed on E that won't launch?
try running some CHKDSK scans and see if there are any correctable errors that will get it functioning again for now.
if not, you can try some data recovery software to see if data can be recovered and just loaded onto another drive.

but either way i would still replace the drive to be safe, maybe just use it for non-important temp storage.


Jul 2, 2013
Coming back around with a little time to address this again.


Seems like maybe I'm an idiot, but I never paid attention to the plugs on the back of a psu before. (Maybe this is my first modular one, I don't remember).
The wire on the far left is not plugged into anything, the ones on the right go to the cdrom, 2 ssd's, 3 hdds. Far right cable bundle is mobo/gpu.

Can someone get me up to speed on if there are any differences between these plugs? Is the layout of the blue chart related to the plug output?