Approxiamently how long would my graphics card last for!


Apr 17, 2009
I have a Sapphire 512 Mb 4870. How long do you reckon it can last for, while still able of playing the lasest games. 3 years 2years 1 year.
I'm really concerned about the graphic cards that have shader model 5 and Directx 11 should I immediamently buy myself one of them when the come out. I do realise that most games not even support DirectX 11. But what if DirectX11 was suddenly adapted and you have no option but to buy
yes that is tough to answer as it depends on your needs. For me, my hd4850 is fine and I can add a second for 100 when I want, prolly around Xmas.

A lot of people have not even "adopted" as you say direct x 10. It is not going to be an overnight issue. I say at least a year, maybe two but it depends on you, really


Aug 27, 2006
1 year if you're really picky about high fps. 2 years if you could go down to 30 fps (minimum). 3 years if you could ignore the improvements (if any), DX11 or 12 brings, and willing to set some game settings to medium.

But that's just my wild guess....

* My guess is that the Xbox is now actually holding up the reason for developers to increase the quality to insane levels again. They'd be usually interested in coding first for the limited hardware in the 360 then port it on the PC, since the notion now is that it'd be highly pirated for the PC only few dedicated developers would take the time and patience to study what DX11 or 12 could bring to the table.