Nov 24, 2020
HI everyone..... First f all thanks for looking at this thread. I'm owning a DELL INSPIRON 3593 with core i3 1005g1 processor with 8GB 2166 Mhz DDR4 ram........On April 15th, 2021 my laptop was working fine as constant. the next day Windows give me a prompt to save any work within a minute as windows is going to restart..... I saved my work and then it restarted...... Since then it had not booted to windows.... It left me in boot loops and BsoDs..... Then after I diagnose my laptop from the dell diagnostic from the boot menu.... It showed me that my hard disk was giving problem and gimme a QR code which redirected me to dell's website asking me for my address to deliver my a new hard disk as my laptop is under warrenty.... Then i tried to recover my Data Via HIRENBoot PE.... I successfully recovered all my data but then i used the WD hard disk analysis tool from HIRENBoot PE and it stated that my "Raw Read Error Rate" was marked red (IDK what's that) ... When i researched on this the internet says that it is the early signs of hard disk to get crashed...... I took my backup and saved it in cloud......I just tried to delete everyu partition and then make a single partition and installing windows again..... Surprisingly Windows does got booted up but takes a heckin lot of time than usual. even after that, It was a turtle crawl and dell drivers demanded to update windows to install as i was using a 2016 ISO of windows 10..... I tried updating it to Windows 10 1151.... and it says update and shut down...... It got shut down and next day that too isn't booting and now even bootable USB is working.....but this time it isn't giving me any BsoDs but just boot and a black screen. Please tell me guys if it's a genuine issue or should i really change the hard disk.