AquaMark3 to be released on September 15


Jul 7, 2003
We are proud to announce the release of our long-awaited benchmark AquaMark3 The Reality Benchmark for September 15, 3:00 pm GMT. And before you ask: yes, the swatch beat countdown has been set to indicate the time to go.

AquaMark3 is the first commercial benchmark offering both: a real world DirectX 9 game engine and free access to an online database, the AquaMark Result Comparator ARC. It is based on Massive Developments multi platform krass Engine, a real life game engine used by AquaMark2.3 and games like subwater action shooter AquaNox, AquaNox2: Revelation and the upcoming strategy hit Spellforce.

The basic application will be available as a free download on a large number of mirror sites around the world. This version supports the AquaMark TRISCORE benchmark test and free online access to the ARC.

The AquaMark online shop will offer a range of extended versions for private as well as for commercial use. All of these licenses contain the capability to check the customers system extensively. They also comprise a wide range of unique features like pixel rate tests and pixel shader complexity tests. Prices start at $9.95 ( 9.95 for EURO countries) for the fully featured Professional Version.
From Rage3D.
Excited to see directx 9's eye candy.!

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Jul 4, 2003
Exciting news, I have not tried Aquamark B4 and will certainly give it a shot. It woudl appear though that GeneticWeapon beat you to the post <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

<i>Mmmm Dawn AND Eve at the same time...Drroooooll
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