Question ARC 750 any good?


Jul 3, 2020

I own a R5 2600 + RX 580 4GB rig and it performs bad in games like CP77. 4GB VRAM is not enough for gaming i guess. so i want to upgrade but got a tight budget so i want to know if an arc 750 is a good option for me or not.

People compare this card with RTX 3060 and RX 6600. But the thing is, here A750 costs half of what 3060 costs. and i dont want another amd card. had enough of em. want a change.

afaik it used to be bad but with the new drivers it performs much better. like in some games it performs better than 3060, in some games it performs way worse and in some they are relatively close.
it feels like getting a 3060 with half of its cost but its a bit risky?

i want to play games like cp77 on high settings. want to play starfield too but its in a bad spot i guess so i can only hope they fix it sooner or later. as long as its fixed im good i can wait.

id love to stream on twitch with obs and using gpu's encoder but i dont know if its good for streaming or not. used to capture funny moments with instant replay. does it have this feature on driver?

is there any chance for intel to abondon their 1st gen gpus after they release 2nd or 3rd ones? i think it needs regular driver updates to get better and if it just stops id be really sad :(

(not that important but can i use stablediffusion ai to generate images? i can use it with rx 580. hella slow with 4gb vram tho.)

can you guys share your thoughts?


I would think about the requirements of having a PC that can do rebar function. On intel side you need 10th gen CPU's and I'm not up to speed what Gen AMD needs to be on there side.

I was tempted but not yet for me.
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Two upgrades ago for me was from an RX 580 to a 5700 XT.

The A750 is a tiny bit above a 5700 XT in speed/power. I ran most games just fine at 60FPS with high settings on my 5700 XT. I was able to get a little above that but usually only in the upper 70s so I just capped my games at 60 to make it smoother.

This should mean you'll do fine if you cap at 60 using an A750 card.

edit: I re-read your post. If your thinking of playing Starfield then just pay a little more for an AMD card and get the free copy of Starfield that comes with it. Think of it like your using the money for Starfield to pay for better hardware.

My newest upgrade was from that 5700XT to a RX 7800 XT 16GB and wow it plays Starfield great at medium settings. Turning up the graphics to full and walking around NEON is amazing to look at though.
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