Question Arc 750 are there any users ? 😅

Mar 5, 2023
Hi guys, lately I've been doing some research for new GPU, without selling my kidneys 🙉. And I found out that ARC 750 for 260£ atm I've seen on Amazon, is quite good card on paper. With specs ARC 750 is even better then my current 2080, close to 3060Ti but the Arc has more ROPs, TMUs and 448 tensor cores 😱.

But it's doesn't run as the specs would actually suggest. Is that only drivers issues ? Cuz I don't see any other reason, and I think that the card would outperform 2080 and 3060ti (a bit) if Intel fix the drivers.

Can I buy it and play with it in some acceptable performance for now at least, and wait till new drivers ? Cuz the GPU cost low moneys and it may be increase when they fully managed to work properly (I guess).

How your experience with it guys ? Thanks 😊
I don't have ARC, but have been following it on and off since they came out around the time I was upgrading. It does seem to be the case that they keep upgrading the drivers for sizeable gains in performance. Which sounds good/promising, but it makes me wonder about the flipside. AMD/nVidia have years and years of experience in producing drivers for commercially successful discrete GPUs while Intel never seemed to find success in the discrete GPU market despite several attempts over the years with all their resources. Was the poor state of the drivers at launch due to Intel lacking in this area in some way? And does that mean for all their improvements they'll struggle to optimise enough to make the last 10% of difference?

Intel's core business is CPUs and they've always seemed to lose interest in discrete GPUs when they've not been 1st or 2nd. Although I think this time might be different because of GPU involvement with AI these days.

To try and answer your question, it probably is the drivers (not entirely, but in large part) but it's a gamble to assume the drivers will ever be fully optimised. If the cost and performance is acceptable to you now then that's good, but don't buy if you're needing a particular improvement in performance from the drivers.
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I do have an A380 and have been dealing with the driver issues. Early issues were pretty bad, but since the DXVK implementation, most of the graphics issues went away. Occasional problems with audio output over HDMI, usually means re-setting the driver from device manager. But that has become extremely infrequent. Also some issues with HDCP which seem to have cleared up. Got full black screens for a split second when copyrighted content was displayed. The last major driver rollout broke audio completely, but switching to the latest Beta took care of that for now.

To be fair I don't use it for a lot of gaming, but every major driver release I try a few titles. Modern APIs work wonderfully. Anything DX12 or Vulkan is good to go. And DX11 stuff works pretty well now, extremely old DX versions vary in performance and you can experience stuttering issues in even very light titles.

A750 is a good deal, but isn't that great a card compared to the RX6600 in general. Arc tends to pull ahead at higher resolutions and certainly has better ray-tracing than AMD. That GPU is really built for 1440p and up, and it shows. But if you are just running 1080p without anything fancy, probably not worth upgrading from a 2080.

If you really want to buy one, I would say go for broke and get the A770 16GB from Acer. That 16GB of VRAM is going to come in handy at higher resolutions where it tends to do better than other mid-range GPUs.

The drivers could get better, but I don't think we are going to see anything amazing happen. Theories suggest there is an internal hardware design flaw that prevents the card performing as the specs would suggest.

The very recent RX7600 review has the A750 and A770 in it for comparison.

Here is a recent comparison using Diablo 4, has a lot of cards in there:
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