Archer C7 Intermittent loss of internet

Sep 26, 2018
I have a TPLink AC1750 (Archer C7 v2) router, purchased somewhere around 2015.

It's been great until just recently. We recently switched ISPs, and we've been losing internet connection intermittently (once every couple of days). We thought it was the new ISP, so we've been on with customer service a couple of times. The last time we were having issues, we had them do some real time diagnostics during the internet disconnects.

During the real time monitoring, they were showing a strong signal all the way to our router, with no loss/disconnects. However at the same time, we were losing internet constantly on all of our wifi devices. Strangely, the one wired device had good connection. Customer Service suggested it looked like the router might be going out.

This morning, the issue was reversed. We had two devices streaming with no issues, but the wired device kept losing internet service. When tested (speed test), it was getting around 0.2mbps, while other devices were from 30mbps-50mbps (our connection is 50mpbs). Re-started the router, and experience the same issue. Then suddenly, the wired jumped up to 50mbps.

So it sounds to me like my router is going out, but I wanted to check with the experts here before I go purchase a new router (we're leaning towards a mesh wifi router, since we're in a 2-story basement home, and experience some signal loss throughout the house (non-existent on our back porch)).

Any feedback/advice you can suggest would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch :)


Mar 20, 2011
I have 2 of theses C7's one does the same thing.. completely looses internet !!! but.. I CAN MAINTAIN THE WEB ADMINISTRATION why??? and it will not go to the internet!. The Diagnostic is horrible . For instance i get 100% packet loss using the ping to actually ping ip address' on the internet ON EITHER ONE. I can ping items on the local network. Then for a half hour or so it works fine. I upgraded to the latest firmware .. No change