Question ARCHER T6E speed problem


Dec 14, 2015
Hi there. I have a Tplink T6E that is connected to a 5Ghz network. Yesterday it worket at around 170Mbps but not its working between 11 and 50Mbps according to Ookla Speedtest (and feels like 11mbps too). In the "TP-LINK Wireless Configuration Utility" software it says that the rate is at 173Mbps (normal speed).
Tried anything. Nothing wrong with the router, speed on Iphone is around 170Mbps (normal speed) on the same network.
Pls help
That is very strange number. You should not be able to actually get 173mbps when it connects using that encoding. That includes all the overhead and ignores stuff like wifi is half duplex. Generally you only get 1/4 to at most 1/2 of the encoding rates.

This likely means you iphone is connecting at a faster encoding and only getting 170.

You can look these numbers up in what is called a MCS table. What it means on a card like yours that can only run 2 data streams is you are getting a very strong signal and you are running 2 streams of data BUT it is using a channel width of only 20mhz. To get the full speed on 802.11ac they generally run at 80mhz. You would likely get a encoding rate of 867 (this is what they call 900 in the marketing numbers). Check your router and see if you can force it run at 80mhz bands. It might have detected a neighbors wifi signal and decided to be good and "share" so it dropped to 20mhz. You could also try to change the radio channel on the router.



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