Question Archos A9 touchscreen movement reversed and recognised as a PS/2 mouse ?


May 17, 2016

Short: I'm looking for a driver for touchpad and/or touch screen driver of legacy Archos A9 Windows tablet.

The issue: No matter what the system (XP, 7, 8.1, 10) movement on the touchscreen is reversed. Moreover the tiny physical touchpad behaves normally BUT.. both of these devices are recognised as only one - particularly PS/2 mouse.

What I've tired:

  1. Changing values for particularly registry keys said to help the issue with no success.
  2. Using the mouse reversing applications - reverses the touchpad correctly, changes in another also not correct way the movement on the touchscreen.
  3. I've checked if there is some physical button on the board to change it - no luck. Maybe something needs to be replaced on the board?
  4. Changing the screen orientation on the Windows - the issue remains.
  5. I've e-mailed the company but they response was that it's a legacy device and they don't have any driver - just speechless. Morons.
  6. I've tried several drivers for touchpad - yes it installs, it replaces most of the time the PS/2 mouse as touchpad, but still no luck with getting a particular driver.
  7. I've installed Ubuntu on the device but neither touchpad nor touchscreen worked - I'm guessing no driver and recognised as one device as both don't work.
  8. The smoothest system for this device is Windows 8.1 (originally came with Windows XP).
So.. does anybody know any working driver or any other way how to get around this issue?

Archos A9 touchpad or/and touchscreen drivers.
Archos A9 touchpad or/and touchscreen recognised as PS/2 mouse.
Archos A9 touchpad or/and touchscreen movement reversed.



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