Question Arctic LFII 280 fitting in top mount of Silent Base 801/802 case?


Jan 17, 2017
Hey there!

I'm looking to upgrade my CPU cooler to an Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280mm, and strictly want to go with a top mount for the radiator, but I'm kind of stuck on a stupid thing: I don't know if the unusually thick radiator will actually fit at the top of my BeQuiet! Silent Base 801 case. The cooler 65mm thick with the fans installed, and since I already have a full PC built, I can't get a correct measurment inside my case.
I have an MSI ATX motherboard installed, so the full upper space of the mobo tray in the case is covered. I tried to do my own measurements, but I'm getting conflicting results: one shows that I got 70mm clearance which is good, while another measurement shows that the fans would hit the upper end of my Crucial Ballistix memory.

Does anyone have this case+cooler combo? Would it fit in top mount?
Jan 5, 2022
I have had the same problem with a different case the fan would hit the RAM try doing the front mount switch the orientation of the fans before doing it maybe but your GPU will run hot if it doesn't you are good to go. Also try to repaste and change the thermal pads on your GPU, helps a ton.
I ran out of options too so I am planning to buy the Arctic liquid freezer II 240mm and do the top mount. I am hoping that Arctic freezer II 240m can handle the heat of the 11700k processor as my Fuma 2 runs around 75c while gaming