Question Arctic Liquid Freezer ii 360 vs Noctua NH-15


NH-D15. It has a better balance of performance to sound profile.

While the NH-D15 cannot out-cool neither the Celsius S36 nor Eisbaer Aurora when it comes to my 7820X - in day to day use, I am not going to run the fans on either of those AIOs very high - they just get too loud.
Sadly, that's where much of the performance of AIOs is tied behind, and why the D15 ends up right on the tail of even the biggest AIOs.
I can comfortably run the D15 at 100% if I wanted to, but opt for 85% instead - I also sit about 1.5m from the PC.
85-100% on AIO fans? Nah...

You don't really find out until you've tried them both, I guess.
Cpu=Ryzen 7 3700x

Which is better for performance and in general being quiet
I have Arctic Liquid Freezer ii 240 right now but ordered 360 to hopefully lower max temps to under 70c where 3700x gets most boost. CPU is not overclocked but is set for full use of boost and PBO settings. I'm very satisfied with fans sound, seem to be
If you are not pushing your CPU too hard, that Noctua would do too but their fans are not among quietest out there.