Are ATI cards reliable for you guys?


Jan 25, 2002
Last year I bought a ATI All in Wonder 9000. I liked the TV features, but it had problems in some games. Like Comanche 4 it would lock up constantly. A few others too. So I returned it and bought a GeForce 4600ti. It has been great for almost 2 years. Now I want to upgrade again.
This time I bought a All in Wonder 9800. I removed the Nvidia drivers and installed it. I also got the latest for ATI. Now I have problems again running 3D mark 03 and BF1942. It either reboots or goes to a black screen. So I took it out and brought it back, and went back to my 4600ti.
I really want a DX9 compatable card, and all the reviews make the Radeon look like the best choice. Anybody else have good or bad results with ATI cards?


See bio for system specs
What is your PSU? (not listed in BIO)

Did you use something like Detonator RIP or Driver Cleaner when removing nV drivers or did you just remove them w/ add/remove?

At what point in 3Dmk03 would it crash?

And I have had very few problems with mine. I find the card VERY reliable, the only issue I've had has been with Fastwrites.
That and now my Peni$ has video card envy. :wink:

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Hey Grape, is your problem with fastrights not because of the hacked drivers you were using.
My 9600pro replaced a 9000pro. No problems so far.( well except for a little lust for the 9800pro.)


Dec 11, 2003
I took folks advice here and purchased myself a bba ati radeon 9600xt. removed my nvidia drivers with the add/remove and nothing else. tried the omega drivers and didn't have the best results with them, but with catalyst I'm extremely happy with my card. no errors, nothing but awesome results with it

gigabyte ga-7va kt400, amd xp 2000+, 256mb samsung pc2700(running at 133mhz), bba ati radeon 9600xt 128mb, soundblaster live 5.1 maxtor 60gb 7200rpm
Nah, it's that way for me on ALL drivers above 3.4 (check the Catalyst Review).

Actually Omega Drivers come with Fastwrites already disabled, whereas with the Standard CATs I have to ensure they are off before playing Morrowind.

I don't know what it is. If it weren't for the fact that it DOES work (and does show a difference when enabled/disabled) with the 3.4 under the same setting I would've assumed it was a MOBO/VIA issue, but really I'm stumped for the most part, but to me it does explain why some people are reverting back to 3.4 all the time. I wanna tell those people (try turning off fastwrites), the benifits of the new drivers are worth more to me than the gain from fastwrites.

Other than that though the R9600Pro reaffirms my faith in my choice with every new game, playable demo, and benchmark I pass by it. Savage is my current playable demo joy. I got ViceCity as a stocking stuffer, and Bloodmoon (Morrowind Expansion) and Halo are problem free for me. I'm enjoying the time off between semesters (1 week and change left), and squeeze in what I can after work.

The ONLY problem has been that weird Fastwrites issue that first appeared in Mozilla (thought it was the Moz. BETA at first which I downlaoded right after that driver upgrade), then it started happening in Morrowind, and I though, there's something else going on here! At that point I tried disabling Fastwrites, which I always reenabled after each Omega install before.

OH well if I didn't have ONE adventure with my card, it really wouldn't be worth it now would it? :wink:

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That's normally a power issue. In fact nearly every post about ATI problems are due to amaturish installation errors. Once in a while though I don some one theat requires a bit of thought.

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Sep 24, 2001
everyones saying power issues... but i would think that if a lowly radeon 9000 was locking up your system before than a 4600 would have also.

ive had some radeons in my day, and they are good (run great), you just need to nurse them more than geforces.

you didnt include enough information for me to tell you whats wrong.. you really need to start at the basics to find your problem
-increase agp volt in bios to 1.7
-format (if that doenst help)
-switch from latest drivers to 3.7s
-molex power plugged in the card?

make sure you have a good QUALITY power supply not a high wattage.. u want quality my man.
quality psu in my mind is enermax.

your radeon is the best choice for dx9, i personally could care less if i have dx9 or 8 hardware. I dont think it was a tremendous jump, both were shader heavy improvements.. you'll see more innovation in dx10
besides i cant see an incredible difference between the two.

just get a card that works and play

I just tell it like it is and some can't handle it. If your experience is different, well congratu-fukulation.