Question Are Early Black Friday Deals Worth It?

Oct 13, 2019

First off I am relatively new to Black Friday shopping so I am looking for some seasoned veterans out there to share some of there wisdom and experience on the matter.

I was planning on waiting until Black Friday to buy all of the components I need at a discounted price, but as I'm sure you're aware, stores have been pushing out a lot of deals in these early November weeks. I have found a few components that are on sale such as the Corsair RM650 being marked from 109 to 85 (After a $15 mail in rebate) and that honestly seems pretty appealing. Do you guys think that deals like this are the best there will be, or should I wait until Black Friday to buy it with the rest of the components? Regardless of what I choose, I am not planning on buying all of the components before Black Friday, so the fact that I can get the parts not has no extra appeal.

In summary, will the Black Friday deals be better than the ones that are out currently, or should I hop on these deals because they might not reappear for Black Friday?

Thanks for your advice!
Nov 7, 2019
I think (in my opinion) the stuff would be cheaper on the ACTUAL black Friday but if you think the prices for the items you are getting now are amazing , you should get them
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TJ Hooker

As said above, if you find something at a significant discount I'd go ahead and get it. If you're really worried about it going on sale even further, you could always refrain from opening it for a couple weeks such that you can return it if you eventually find it for less.

I wouldn't consider that PSU deal to be that great though. It sells for $90-$100 without any rebate on a semi regular basis. And Corsair seems to have MIR promotions fairly often. I hate MIRs though.