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Question Are gigabyte b550 boards junk??


Dec 28, 2014
Considering possibly getting a b550 auros pro board . Seen lots of negative reviews on them from Newegg and only having 3 stars due to people saying they were failing after 3 months of use. Anyone shed some light on this? Thanks


The only few of the new generation boards I have specifically read about having issue is the ASRock Phantom Series, and their Pro4 Series. The Phantom I understand is junk, and the Pro series apparently has issue with VRM quality.

I think it's important to consider any board for it's individual merit. It is my understanding that one of the Gigabyte boards is far and above considered one of the best m-ITX boards money can buy right now. But, as with any manufacturer they don't only just offer top/high end boards.
The Aorus line has, so far as I know, always been considered a mid to low end choice. I have never heard that they were "bad" boards, but never heard someone say it was a good "overclock" board. Even in my own experience I was given one with an i5 because someone tried something they should have purchased a higher quality board for. It wasn't the boards fault, it was user overconfidence in a product not designed for what they did with it.

I say that to get to this aspect. B550 is a HUGE WIDE SWATH of Ryzen CPU all the way from an Athlon to R9 CPU with core/thread counts more akin to a server. Newegg is a variety of consumer base all the way from people that actually know what they are doing, consider what they are purchasing in reference to the use case...to people looking for some apparent value to do something they probably shouldn't do, and don't know what they are doing as the cherry on top.

I have no reason, and have read nothing that indicates this is a bad motherboard by design, when used in a sensical way so far as hardware being utilized on it and "the tinker effect".