Question Are GPU crypto mining frames one-size-fits-all?


Mar 17, 2016
Hello all,

I currently have 5 x RTX 3090s. However, these GPUs are way longer than previous generations GPUs (330mm length).

I am looking at mining frames like this one:

I dont know whether mining frames in general is a One-Size-Fits-All for ALL GPUS or whether you have to get a specific sized frame for each specific GPU version.
For example, a RTX 3090 (long) vs. a RTX 2080 (medium) vs. a GTX 1060 Mini (short).

Anyone experienced with knowledge of mining frame sizes for GPUs of different lengths?


Scroll further down the Amazon link you provided.


Product description

SPECIFICATIONS Mining Hardware: GPU Frame Case Type: Open Air Miner Case Material: Aluminum Color: Black Slot:8 8 GPU Slots (GPU Not Included) Size: L 25.2 x W 14.2 x H 21.7 inch (L 640 x W 360 x H 550 mm) Weight: 12.35 lbs (5.60 Kg). ✅ OPEN AIR FRAME - Our high-performance rig case comes with 7 fan slots for cooling (fans not included). Excellent equipment design to improve GPU performance. ✅ DURABLE QUALITY - This aluminum stackable mining case is highly durable to fit up to 8 GPUs. This material is durable to support any bitcoin mining hardware. ✅ HIGH POWERED - This mining rig has motherboard compatible power supply mounting (power supply not included) This crypto mining rig is an easy rig set-up to support 6 GPU. ✅ MULTI COMPATIBILITY - This mining rig frame can support SSD & HDD installation with enough space between GPUs, for sufficient airflow. This is a must for mining Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETC), and any other cryptocurrency. ✅ GUARANTEED QUALITY - Bitcoin mining machine is guaranteed quality and performance or your money back.

Confusing: 6 GPUS or 8 GPU's....?

= = = =

Take some measurements of your of your GPUs, PSU's, fans etc. and sketch out an installation plan. Try for scale.

One thing to take a very close look at is the holes for installing the frames ,rails, components, etc. The locations and spacing.

Go to a prospective manufacturer's website and look for the applicable frame Installation Guide/Manual/Assembly instructions.

Read carefully. Also check for website Forums and FAQs. Look for what is said as well as what is not said.

Would not be surprised if you need to purchase a few extra rails etc. to actually install 5 GPUs.
Jun 23, 2021
Is mining still a thing? I want to start mining, and I don't know if it is still worth investing in a farm. I made some money on investing in cryptocurrencies, and I want to do something else. I am tired of investing and risking. I was using crypto signals. It was helping a little bit, but it still meant risking. This is why I want to start mining. I have 100k dollars, and I think that this is enough for a mediums sized farm. Now all I have to do is to find where to buy all the components for my farm. The main problem is that there is a deficit of them.


If you're tired of risk, then starting a farm is the worst possible choice. Depending on where the volatility goes, you might be doomed on getting a reasonable return in a reasonable time frame before you're done unpacking all the boxes.