Are graphics cards safe to buy from ebay?


Dec 14, 2012
I have been looking around on ebay to see if i could buy a better graphics card for cheaper and maybe save a few bucks but i have never bought anything off of ebay so i am wondering if its trustable. For example i saw a AMD Radeon 6950 2gb that said it was 100$ is that to good to be true?


I have rules for buying on Ebay that I've developed over the years. Back in the day I bought an AIW9600 and a 9700pro just fine from ebay. Stick to buy it now, no auctions. 99%+ feedback from stores only. (I don't buy from people) It must come with some sort of return. Many of the stores will offer 7-14day return policies. Just make sure to test it as soon as you get it. And also read it carefully. There could be something in the description you should know about it. Like a 6950 that has a bad coil whine.

I've for the most part stopped buying parts from ebay and gone to forums. If people have high amounts of heatware and have high forum levels then they are usually safe. In addition most of us hardcore folks tend to take good care of our parts. My used i5 750 and P55 board are still going strong about two years now.


I wouldn't, there no way of telling if it just "used" or "abused" regardless of what the seller says. Ebay is fine for other things (though that number seems to be shrinking) but used components + Ebay is just too risky for my taste


Nov 6, 2012
I know the people that have responded already all said "NO!", but the 6870 I'm using now, I got for $80 off of Ebay and it works flawlessly and I bought it from an actual person, not a store. I did luck out though and the person was selling it where I live, so it didn't have to go through the shipping process, but I still think it would be okay. I actually just bought a second 6870 to Crossfire and it'll be here tomorrow. This one I also bought from an actual person and he has a really great rating, so we'll see how it goes. I'll comment back tomorrow after I get the card.
I do it a fair bit, as I'm the computer nerd of my group, whereas my friends are just gamers.

As long as you aren't stupid and use the same sort of discrimination that you would for buying anything off of ebay or creigslist, then you're just fine, and can find some amazing deals.


I dunno, I just sold my second 7850 for a profit, which I bought used from eBay. If its faulty, eBay have you covered, unless the seller said in the description there are issues. The one I sold was flawless and has no coil whine.

As long as you use Paypal imo, who ALWAYS side with the buyer no matter what, you'll be fine.


Jun 3, 2011
Do a background check on the seller, I bought my CPU from a guy on ebay and it's been workin fine for a while now. You just gotta make sure they are good sellers, if they have little feedback or more than 10% negative feedback don't bother.


Dec 9, 2012

I completely agree that ebay is not a correct website to buy computer components even if they guarantee :non:
and all other websites that my friend derminology has listed are really good :hello: