Question are Intel motherboard good for gaming?


Jul 8, 2018

I recently went into the used PC Market in my city in hopes to buy a new PC. They were offering an I5 4th gen for around 150$, which is a solid deal however the motherboard was Intel, I think gaming brands like ASUS would be better for a PC that would be used mostly for gaming? I also plan to use an RX570 or RX580, which are both good cards but fetch alot of power, so I don't want the motherboard to fry out on me..

At the moment I don't know the exact model of the motherboard, just that It was made by Intel
"gaming" doesn't mean anything, there are no standards that manufacturers have to follow to call their product a gaming product.

As a previous person said, all a motherboard needs is the features you want/need. make sure it is capable of running your processor/PC the way you want it to.

Odds are an intel motherboard won't have overlocking features, but should be able to run everything fine.
If you are looking at an intel processor, then you will need an intel motherboard.
Every modern motherboard will have a pcie x16 slot for a discrete graphics card.
A discrete graphics card of some power is needed for fast action gaming.

"gaming" is overused as a descriptor. and just marketing fluff. Ignore it.
Perhaps the only valid use would be for a motherboard with dual gpu capability.
Dual gpu is an expensive and lousy option if a strong single card is available.

The negative to the RX cards is the need for a stronger psu.
Any motherboard can handle any graphics card. The key is to have a psu of adequate power for the graphics card.
Here is a handy chart:
Of more importance is the quality of the psu.
A cheap psu can become very expensive if it fails under load and destroys the rest of the pc.