Are Intel Pentium processors ok...?


May 9, 2015
Just to say, before you all chastise me, I have a gaming rig for the majority of my needs, it isn't amazing but it does the job.

I am looking to buy a laptop/ultrabook for work/business/video editing; problem is my budget is only about £500 (give or take). I was looking for something small and easily portable so probably 13" max. I know a little about PC's about the specs but im no expert, I was looking for a laptop with atleast an i3 (preferably an i5) processor but noticed thats way out of the budget range, the majority of laptops that appear have intel pentium processors.
Never had one but I am pretty sure theyre worse than the i3, but my question is are they a lot worse?
Would my laptop run at a fast speed if I use it mainly for web browsing, video editing and business (powerpoint, excel etc).
Also if you've got any recommendations on small laptops which might do a solid job then dont hesitate to drop it down below! I noticed you can get 2012 macbook pros for around the 600-650 mark on the internet if you loko hard enough, are they worth the money?
A fair few questions, apologies that its all clustered together, but any help if appreciated!


A modern Pentium is plenty for web browsing and light office tasks. It has two cores with two hardware threads, as opposed to 2 cores w/4 hardware threads as is found in a Core i3. "Core" processors also tend to come with larger/faster integrated GPUs, but that won't be relevant for your uses.

I expect you'll be satisfied.


To add to Ecky's post. A modern Pentium should be fine for everything you listed but the video editing as it tends to like lots of real cores. You will be able to do video editing just at a slow rate.


I wouldn't call that an i7...It's a dual core, the U in 4500U means ultra low power, it's 15 Watts, but it's a dual core, and I don't think it can utilize the 3.0Ghz turbo at all times, if you are editing.
Intel name codes(for mobile):
H-High performance graphics
U-Ultra low power
Q-Quad core

You would want something with a Q in it for working.