Question are my 3570k temps normal

Aug 11, 2019
i noticed a while ago that my 3750k reached 90C when i ran prime95 i was on stock cooler and it was kind of hot those days like 35 36C so i bought a new cpu cooler it was some generic brand but still beter than the stock cooler so i tried to test again i used intel extreme tuning utility because i heard that prime95 overvolts the cpu and my tems didnt go higher than 72C (it wasnt that hot like 24C) so is 72 high ? do i have to buy a better cooler ?

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For Intel CPUs computronix has done a very thorough and excellent guide on this matter, at the basic level, as long as the the CPU is kept below 85 degrees, you're good, even better if it's below 80. Extract here:

Core temperatures above 85°C are not recommended.

Core temperatures below 80°C are ideal.


Figure 4-2

Core temperatures increase and decrease with Ambient temperature.

Idle temperatures below 25°C are generally due to Ambient temperatures below 22°C.
So basically, at 72 degrees under any stress test with high ambient temperatures, you're perfectly fine.
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