Jun 4, 2019
Hello guys, I didn't know where to post my question but I just wanted to know if my overall CPU/GPU temperatures are in an acceptable range. I built my PC a few years ago and made no upgrades since (I kind of forgot what temps are normal). I make music on it and was playing the piano in Ableton earlier and my computer was acting as it was choking; I was getting very laggy/choppy key/sound when playing on the midi controller. I just wanted to check if my temperatures are running fine - to rule out software vs. hardware issues. Any feedback is appreciated! I attached a Printscreen of Temps - Thanks!
Update* even with Ableton closed and running no programs, I'm noticing occasionally that my mouse cursor is extremely laggy for about 30 sec - 1 minute - then resumes to normality. Here's another screenshot of the temps - 10 minutes after this post
Also, should I be worried about these?
Thanks all!

PC Tailor

Just remember that whether the specs are under load or idle is important - the below is only really relevant assuming you components are under load:

The 7490K has a max temperature of around 75 degrees. The maximum core temperature I can see on your is 51 degrees. So you're well within safe limits there.

The 980Ti has a max (general) temp of around 92 degrees, whereas yours has hit a highest of 62. Again well within normal ranges.

The mouse issue is likely something else at this rate, it could be driver issues or even background usage issues - it may be apt going into resource monitor and viewing background resources during the freezing to see if there is anything bottlenecking. Also you'll want to make sure all your drivers are up to date and that any appropriate malware/virus scans have been completed.

You'll find the random spike temperature can be a fault of open hardware monitor that happens quite regularly such as: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/temperature-3-125-degrees.2515784/
It could be Windows Update "doing its thing". This often means failing to install an update so just eating up any and all system resources it can. I'd suggest you restart your PC, then open your windows update program (depending on Windows version, this is done differently. For Windows 10, just click the start menu and search for Windows Update), and make sure you have no updates that are going/need to start. Initialise any available updates and wait for them to finish. Even if it says you are up to date, still search for some new ones just to be sure.