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Question Are my drive benchmarking results good? (Windows 7)

Jun 14, 2020
EDIT: I just realized I forgot to include screenshots of the benchmarks. I've edited the links in at the bottom of the post.

Hi all, I decided to run a benchmark test on both of my hard drives just to see if my C drive is actually getting slower or if I'm just imagining it. I know the results won't be 100% accurate since I haven't rebooted in over a day and a half (though I keep it in sleep when I'm not using it). I was also running my usual programs including my browser, Winamp and a word processor. Oh, also, I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium as my OS.

Anyways, for background, my C drive is my boot drive that came with the system. It's about 7 years old now, though I didn't start regularly using this PC until late 2014, so it has only seen consistent use for 5 and a half years. I got my E drive ~8 months ago (estimated; I can't recall the exact time) as a spare from a friend and he told me it was pre-used, but only lightly.

I did a test with CrystalDiskMark using all default settings and, comparing the C drive with the E drive, the E drive is clearly running better than the C drive. My C drive is the one that seems to be running slower and I suspect that it may be on its way out due to its age and the amount of use. It makes sense that the E drive is running better due to how it's a newer (or at least less used) drive.

However, I then went on to run the tests again using the Peak Performance setting as I was just curious about the current limits of both drives. In this test, the E drive still outperformed C, but by a smaller margin.

I tried researching how to read the results but ended up confused. What I want to know is this: are the results of either of these tests to be of any concern?

As I said, I've been suspecting that my C drive has slowed down in the past couple weeks, but I can't tell if it's actually slower or if I'm just imagining things. When I boot up, it takes ridiculously long to get past the "Starting Windows" screen and to access the logon screen. It sometimes takes a few seconds for the Explorer window to appear when I do the Win+E shortcut if I haven't done that in a while. Files within big folders sometimes take a second or two to load the shortcuts. However, what confuses me is how load screens in games -- something that often would take a long time in newer games -- seem to be less of an issue since this all began. That's why I'm just really confused with this whole issue and I'm gradually attempting to troubleshoot. All I know is that I've been backing up my files more often since this began; it used to be once a month, now it's typically once a week.

I would just go forward with my plan to buy a new drive and set up my 7 and 10 dual boot but with as much as I have installed on this system, I'm certainly not looking forward to that. Plus, buying a new hard drive is going to put me back a bit due to my current financial situation, thus I'm trying to squeeze as much life out of this as I can.

Anyways, I appreciate any answers that you can give. So far, this forum has helped me work through every one of my PC issues so hopefully, I can continue to work towards solving these issues. Thanks!


Default settings tests

Peak performance tests
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