Question Are my HDD and SSD bad?


Aug 7, 2016
Hey guys. I bought a ryzen 5 2600, a b450 tomahawk and corsair 16gb 3000mhz ram. Right now I have an fx 9370. I have windows installed on my sandisk 240gb ultra II and I have my games on the WDC WD20PURX-64P6ZY0. Sometimes when I am in demanding areas in open world games(e.g. Novigrad in Witcher 3) the buildings' textures take some time to load (about 5-10 seconds). I don't know if that's because of my ram or my slow HDD. Can someone help me in that matter? Take in account that right now I have 16gb corsair ram clocked at 1333mhz and sometimes it works in dual channel mode, sometimes it doesn't. Will I have these same issues with the new components? I mean should I buy a new HDD or not? Also is my ssd good? I'm asking because right now the motherboard sometimes recognizes it, sometimes it doesn't. However, my pc is very fast when it opens. I can open as many apps as I want simultaneously. My point is: Is the fx 9370 the problem with the not loading textures? If so, when I put together the new pc will I still have these issues? I know my HDD is bad but I'm just curious if I should buy a new one. My mobo is the asrock 990fx extreme9 btw(don't know if that helps).