Are my ram slots broken?

Jan 4, 2019
I have a ASRock AB350M-HDV MoBo and I just tried to install new ram into the slots. The ram sticks are all the way in but my PC will not turn on. I’ve tried 1 8 GB stick in both slots, and I’ve tried 2 8 GB sticks in both slots. I know the problem isn’t the sticks because they work perfectly fine in my other PC. Anyone know what’s wrong?
Need more info thehunterfisher :) to ascertain your issue.

Is this a new build and has the system worked prior to installing RAM.?
What CPU are you using.?
Have you updated your Bios.? If not then do so.
Are the DIMM modules you are using from the same kit.? List the Part No.
What frequency is your RAM rated at.?
Any MB indicators, beeps or LEDs lit during Post.?