Question Are PC Gaming Keypads and MMO Mice Declining in Popularity?


May 26, 2019
I plan to replace my gaming PC in the near future. I am looking at brands such as Logitech, Razer, and Corsair as possible candidates to replace my Logitech G710+ keyboard, G13 Keypad, G430 Gaming Headset, and G502 FPS and G600 MMO gaming mice. While browsing some of the PC gaming peripheral manufacturers websites, I noticed that Razer seems to be the only major brand offering a gaming keypad and Razer and Corsair seem to be the only major brands offering MMO gaming mice with side-keypads. My preference is to go with all gaming peripherals like the keyboard, keypad, headset, and FPS and MMO mice from one manufacturer. However, because certain brands only offer certain types of PC gaming peripheral products, and Razer seems to be having issues with their proprietary gaming peripheral software according to some reviewers, I am considering the possibility of getting the keyboard, gaming headset, MMO and FPS mice from one manufacturer such as Corsair and getting the gaming keypad from some other brand if its reviews look promising. Out of curiosity, I have been out of the loop in some areas of the gaming PC peripheral sector for a while due to personal matters. After browsing the products of the mentioned PC gaming peripheral manufacturers, are the gaming keypad and MMO mice declining in popularity? If yes, why?

Thanks in advance.


Pretty much all peripheral brands will have conducted an internal survey as to what peripheral is in demand and what features people are looking for. If the percentage is not high enough brands won't invest in the idea/feature set...or stock the product on their distributors shelves. All in the name of making as much profit as possible.

You seemed to have an all Logitech layout, which leads me to think you want to do the same with another brand but with a more concurrent lineup of hardware, correct? My best advice, IMHO, would be to mix and match peripherals.

Roccat and Asus are a couple of brands that still have MMO mice in their portfolio.
are some examples.

To add one more point, with the advent of app's bundled with peripherals, it's now easy to create macros or assign a key to an action, negating the need for a dedicated button on a mouse, although it's convenient, the keyboard can also handle it. The focus in the gaming arena has moved towards eSports titles and slightly away from MMO's.