Are the 2 fans in the antec 300 case enough?


Jul 25, 2010
I'm going to be building a PC with an antec 300 case. It comes with two fans, one in the rear and one in the top. Will these fans give me sufficient airflow? I am using a 1TB spinpoint F3 HDD and I don't know if that requires its own cooling solution
Hdd's really don't require cooling.The 300 has provisions to add 1 or 2 front intake fans which add in the overall cooling of your pc and components.
Antec 120mm TriCool fans are nice and come standard in the 900/902/1200.
I would add at least one in the front.


Yep! you'll be fine.
Btw the TriCool fan comes with a 3speed switch set it to low speed it will be fine that's what i have all 5 of mine set at in my 902.
You can experiment with the speed and noise comfort level low is pretty quiet though.
The switch can be easily tucked away or secured so it doesn't interfere with anything.

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