Aug 19, 2021
Is the Asus GeForce RTX 3080 10 GB ROG STRIX WHITE OC Video Card gone? I was looking for it for an all white build but I can’t find any good deals only resellers sell for over 2k are they making more or are these the last ones left?


Oct 24, 2019
No, they should still be in production. But salvagers (I think that is what they are called) are buying all of the cards and selling it in sites such as eBay at a much higher price that the original.


I have been in EVGA que for a 3080 for since like October.

I have gotten numerous 3060s and 3090s via the que, but not a single 3070 or 3080.

Either the demand for those is just crazy or the supply just super low.
Pretty much every card out there is selling. I sold a gtx 1070 on ebay recently for over 300 bucks. I'd actually intended to upgrade from that to a 2070 I'd bought used, and ended up finding a 6600 xt at close to msrp, so bought that and sold the 2070 for over 500. Now the 6600xt is out of stock mostly and the ones like I paid 439 for are going for 600+. This graphics card market is nutty, and cards are either hard to find or very expensive.

The card you are asking about is probably getting produced, but pretty much any card that is powerful is getting snatched up.
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It also doesn't help that the color isn't common - there's going to be fewer of them out there than the more common blacks and greys - so they're going to go for a premium, whether you get it from a scalper or a retailer.
More on white painted electronics here:

From the pinned comment: "Should note here that this explanation applies specifically to painted electronics, which will often be metals or alloys (though occasionally plastic). If you're wondering why plastic electronics yellow, which are typically made of ABS, that's due to a different and largely opposite reason: UV radiation breaks down the polymers and causes yellowing. Whether you should keep something white in or out of sunlight depends on how it's been colored."