Question Are the difference between 93.7 PPI and 102.4 PPI monitors visible?

Mar 25, 2021
I am planning to buy a new ips monitor for text, I am choosing between the 21.5" and 23.5" monitor, both are 1920x1080. Are the 21.5" have a better image quality than the 23.5" especially on texts as it's smaller, or is it not noticeable and the 23.5 is a better choice? Sorry for my english 😅
It sure is, if you are using Windows. Because Windows scales fonts so inconsistently, to avoid eyestrain most people are going to want 80-90ppi pixel size so the smallest system fonts will still be easily legible--even when things don't magnify properly when fonts are set to 150% size.

100ppi is a touch too fine but barely readable with some eyestrain, so with 1080p 23.5" you can read everything easily while 21.5" would require some straining on the smallest text, especially for older folks who should probably even drop to 80ppi.

I understand Mac has no such issues with font scaling so small 4k to 6k screens are just fine there
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