Question Are the RTX 3070's 8 GB enough for the future?

Nov 21, 2020
So I managed to get a MSI 3070 Gaming X (almost 600) that should be arriving in the next days. However reading some things here and there I'm starting to worry about its 8 GB of VRAM. I usually cycle my GPU every 4-5 years so I want one that is able to stand that time at max settings, or close to them when its reaching its 4 years of life, and seeing that AMD's 6800 are 16GB and that the 6700 will be 12 GB, I'm a bit concerned that maybe this 3070 isn't a good buy. I'm definetely not willing to spend 600 for a card that might not be good enough to run max settings after 2 years of its release, for that I'd get a 350 one. The VRAM scaling does seem to point in that direction, the aforementioned AMD GPUs get quite a chunk more and, the new consoles, whilst costing 100 less than the 3070, get 2 more GB of it.

I usually play at 1080 scaled to 2k, but wouldn't mind not scaling, but for the price I feel it should be able to get 2k with ease in the foreseeable future. And I'm not going to spend more than 600 on a GPU, 3080 is out of the question since they are 150+ more where I'm from. Now that the card has been out a bit, is there any good evidence in favor or against its 8 GB?

Thanks in advance!


Jan 6, 2014
I play on cyberpunk at 1080p with every single thing maxed and zero lag totally smooth, including raytracing DLSS Quality/Raytracing Psycho mode and it uses 6.2 gbs of Vram. My card is 3070 Rog strix if that helps.
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