Question Are the specs on this pre-built gaming PC worth the money? ($1,299)

Mar 14, 2019
First off I'd like to say I am not very proficient when it comes to PC parts, building, etc.. However, I see a pre-built PC that goes for $1,299 and the specs as follows:

Intel i7 8700


GTX 1070 8GB

240GB SSD - 1TB Hard Drive

Now, I know the comments that are coming:

yoU cOuLD jUsT bUiLd OnE FoR ChEaPeR

I know. My friends hit me with that all the time and somehow are reluctant to help me build one.
Money isn't the issue and I'm sure in the future, I could upgrade the parts OR just build one. As of right now, I don't really have the time nor the patience to research and learn everything. Sometime in the future, I do want to but for now, do these specs sound good enough for at least 1080p 60-120FPS gaming? 4k does not interest me. I just want a PC good enough, maybe even a little better to play 1080p 60-120fps with a higher FoV. Primarily Destiny 2 and Apex Legends... To write this is painful. I know building one isn't hard I just want to get an answer so please go easy on me. Also feel free to give insight and suggestions, just let me knoe if the specs are good enough first! :) Thanks.

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