Are there 3 port hdmi video cards


Oct 4, 2011
Question, Are there video cards that allow you to display 3 hmdi inputs? Not switching between monitors but can display 3 HDMI monitors at the same time?
There is one that I am aware of, but it is a bit expensive at $330; Galaxy 56NGH6DM3TTX MDT X5 GTX 560 Ti. It has 4 mini HDMI ports.

It is a bit more expensive than your typical GTX 560 Ti graphics card. That's because it includes an additional RAMDAC signal processor. A single RAMDAC signal processor can only send two video signals to either DVI, VGA or HDMI. Therefore, a 2nd RAMDAC is necessary to send a signal to a 3rd and 4th DVI, VGA or HDMI connection.

This graphics card fits into a niche market for people looking to connect up to 4 HDMI monitors. since there is not as many people buying this type of card the price is higher to make up for the fact that not many of these types of cards are manufactured.