[SOLVED] are there any apps for saving energy, i use sling so pc is on all the time what can i do to reduce energy cost 8700k


Sep 20, 2008
hi, just wondered if there was some things i could do to reduce my energy cost somew advice or programs apps that save or some ideas on underclocking also was wondering does sleep mode use alot of energy if pc is in sleep anytime its not being used
My PC consumes a measured 80 watts at idle.
Leaving the PC ON 24/7, if we assume 16 hours a day at idle, the idle time translates to a cost of $56/year.

Want to consume less energy?
Turn it off.


If you already removed or disabled all unnecessary hardware and enabled all the power-saving features available, then there isn't much left for any aftermarket software to do. In all likelihood, adding background processes will increase overall power consumption. For a system that is idle or under very light load most of the time, you may also benefit from using a small high efficiency PSU if you aren't already doing so as grossly over-sized PSUs tend to have poor efficiency at very light loads.

If you want power savings beyond that, putting it on standby while not in use would be the most power-efficient thing to do. Enable WoL on the server and use an app to remotely trigger it as needed.


My PC (i5-3470/32GB/GTX1050 with three HDDs in spin-down mode, one SSD, one DVD drive and one add-on USB3 card) under light load (20-30%) uses 54W according to my UPS and that includes a powered USB hub.

System power draw can be pretty low depending on what is in there and load.


And what does that $56/year buy me?
The fabled 'zero boot time'
Scheduled backups in the middle of the night, when the systems are not in use
Windows updates also in the middle of the night

The cost of 2 cases of beer per year. Money well spent.