Are there any dongles that can stream to TV via HDMI without Wi-fi?


Jan 28, 2015

I've recently built a portable Dungeons & Dragons TV Table
(Not exactly this one, but usable as reference

In that regard, I've grown tired of HDMI cables littering the table and have been looking into alternatives.
I'm looking for a dongle or something similar that will allow me to stream to the TV via HDMI without using WiFi.

I am playing with different groups in different locations, so a Chromecast is not viable because I am not always near a network, and even so it only remembers one WiFi and setting it up every time becomes slightly annoying.

I've looked at the Mirascreen HDMI Dongles and the Anycast dongles, but can't seem to find any conclusive result to whether they can actually stream without WiFi. (Some of them seem to make their own WiFi that you connect to from the PC?)

Here's a few requirements for the solution:
  • 1080p stream (30 fps is fine, since it will be mostly still images or slightly animated maps)
  • Must work from PC (Win10)
  • Must not require Internet Access / WiFi from a router
  • Being able to stream as "separate" screen as in PC-monitor being one screen, and what is being displayed on TV as another would be grealy appreciated
  • If there's a dongle that allows the use of the build-in "project" function from Win10, that would also be a fine solution
Does anyone have experience with Mirascreen or Anycast and can assist me?
I honestly don't know if what I'm seeking exists, but I'm having a hard time finding a solid yes/no in my search results.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Best regards
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