Question Are there any F2P games that are not made for profit?


May 23, 2019
Are there any Free To Play games that has no ads, no micro-transactions? Simply games that are not made to get developers revenue, Not made to hurt user`s hardware as well (not a virus). If there is only one game that is like that the world will be a way way way better place for Gamers.


I'm sure there are, but none are coming to mind. I'm sure there are at least some altruistic developers out there that just want to share their ideas, but for the most part, these are simply demos/school projects that are intended to show the developer's skill set so they can get decent jobs coding for major game companies.

I would not expect (or even hope for) someone to put thousands of hours into game development and expect absolutely nothing in return for it. Probably your best bet (and what I do each weekend) is head over to Steam's web site and check for any new/free to play games that just came out.

-Wolf sends

Math Geek

the game world has made the shift to not-so-micro-transactions even if you pay $75 up front for the game. no reason to do otherwise when folks are willing to throw thousands at a game gambling with loot boxes to get ahead.

i don't play those type of games myself so can't name any, but i'd look at steam and see what they have for free fps games and then do some homework as to how they play. some may have a lot of loot box type stuff but you can still enjoy it if you don't spend. usually increases the grind to level up and get decent stuff.

but in the end if you're looking for multi-player games, i doubt there is truly a balanced game that is not based on pay to win models. but i'd love to be wrong.