Are there any more great RPG's i'm missing?

Hi guys, i'm a big fan of RPG games and recently i'm trying some of the ones i haven't played yet. My tried and tested favourites are: Morrowind, Oblivion, Diablo II, Mass Effect, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas. Recently i tried Gothic 3 and thought it was brilliant, maybe not the most smooth engine and it does have it's problems but i thought the setting was pretty good and it had a nice levelling system that ive never seen before which i liked. The combat felt terrible at first but it really grew on me though, also i thought the graphics looked quite nice. The main thing i liked though was the vastness of it, moreso the fact that it was vast but not bland in any way, it had enough detail and the quests were more fun than most games in my opinion. Lastly, what was good about Gothic 3 was that the economy was balanced, there were many viable ways to make money and it had real value because usually it was best to buy high end equipment instead of trying to find it. So what do you guys think of Gothic 4 in comparison? Does that sound like it's going to be worth a go at £20-25?

Other than that i just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on what i should play next. I have had a quick try of Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, The Witcher, Baldurs Gate, Dungeon Siege II and both Neverwinter Nights games but i didn't think much to them. In all honesty i can be a bit picky and give up easily at times so if you think any of those are going to be worth another go then say so.

My preferences are:

Controls/movement more like Gothic 3/Oblivion than say Neverwinter Nights/Dungeon Siege/Diablo
I like nice graphics but they don't have to be mind blowing
Openness with plenty to do
Combat system which involves more than just numbers, i like when some skill is involved. (ie. Fallout 3/NV, Gothic 3, Oblivion)

So thanks in advance, just hoping for something decent to tide me over until Skyrim comes out ;)

Hey, thanks for the reply. I'm not really into those RPG's like Diablo much anymore, that was more back in the day. Mainly because i prefer FPSesque controls like Oblivion etc. Also yeah i have tried Borderlands, it's pretty good if youre playing multiplayer. As for 2 Worlds 2, i do actually have it but it doesn't work on my PC for some reason, my friend said it's crap and i wouldn't like it anyway :p. Think i'll try Gothic 4 and Risen, thanks dude.


Jul 29, 2010
isnt The Witcher an RPG... I havent played it myself, but keep hearing good things about it and the screenshots from the 2nd Witcher game looks amazing...
oops, I completely overlooked the fact that you said you have played the Witcher already... :sarcastic:
if you want to branch out into the corpg realm then guild wars or the upcoming guild wars 2 are worth a look into. you can get the whole collection (4 campaigns) for a decent price. with the addition of heroes and mercenaries you can even play by yourself if you wished. definitely worth a look.

if you have a ps3 then demon's souls is quite nice as well.

I played Guild Wars for 4 years and i wouldn't like to get into another MMO, too life consuming :p Also i don't have a PS3, i prefer PC's for gaming.
I gave Gothic 4 a go, very disappointed. It is so much different to Gothic 3, much less character customisation and i don't like the combat system, it's too easy. It's more of a hack and slash Diablo II type thing. Also it looks like theres not going to be loads of viable ways to make money like Gothic 3 (Hunting/Mining/Crafting etc.) The graphics are a lot better and the movement is much less clunky and i actually get higher FPS with the same settings. Eye candy is nice but it's a soulless game in my opinion, seems to have been dumbed down.

I feel exactly the same way as you. Im not too sure how keen you are on FPS or weather or not you have played Crysis, but I actually picked it up out of the bargain bin not long ago and have been playing it and im really enjoying it. It has a fairly open world and hasnt gotten boring for me so i dont think ill be putting it down soon. The last pure FPS since then that i really enjoyed was probably Half-Life 2.


Apr 15, 2011
1. I think that the Witcher 2 may actually be interesting. It's completely different than the Witcher 1 gameplay-wise. Now it will be much closer to Gothic/Risen.
2. Two Worlds 2 has astonishingly beautiful graphics, great crafting and fighting systems but the plot is its weakness. It would probably be much better without any serious plot - like the TES games.
3. Gothic IV is something you'd recommend only to your enemies.
4. Try Risen. If you liked Gothic 3, Risen has all it had and much more.
5. If you haven't played the first Gothic go do it now. There aren't much games that can compare with Gothic in terms of storytelling and portraying the feel of being in a penal colony.


Feb 16, 2011
Well I see nobody mentioned the greatest RPG of all times : Planescape: Torment. Also if you are into exploring huge worlds I recommended TES : Daggerfall. (It was made in 1996 so don;t expect fancy graphics but imo it is a great sand-box RPG). Also try the first two Gothic games and the first two Fallout games.

If you want some party-based RPG's, Might and Magic 7 would be a good place to start. I would aslo mention Arcanum for the steampunk theme and Temple of Elemental Evil for a game that strictly applies D&D rules.

I could mention many more great RPG's but I have no ideea if you would still play them in 2011.

-> Betrayal at Krondor
-> Realms of Arkania series
-> Ultima 4 and 6

Imo most of the good RPG's were made before 2000.
Yeah, most games before 2000 are a bit too old school for me nowadays. I used to play that kind of thing like Diablo, Neverwinter Nights and some lesser known ones with more of a point and click function as opposed to wasd. But I was hoping for a suggestion with a more wasd/first person type feel like Gothic 3, Oblivion, Fallout 3/New Vegas etc. and to have relatively decent graphics as good as Morrowind or Gothic 3 or something. Something like Oblivion would be even better, i still think thats one of the very best looking games out there, even today.


You like Gothic? Especially Gothic 3?

Risen is your game. It's Gothic 3. Better graphics. No two sword fights and no change of seasons as you travel through the world because you are in a single island. But it is definitely gold for Gothic fans. I don't know about the 2nd Risen game, I'm still playing Risen. I'll definitely jump to it as soon as I finish this one. But I also want to finish the 1st and 2nd Gothic games since they are widely favoured.


Nov 30, 2012
Earlier KOTOR 1 was mentioned and it seemed to get passed over. It fits all of your criteria (spell) for a great RPG and would be a sin to pass up.