Question Are there any servers/virtual machines that provide only the RAM and not the whole PC?

Nov 18, 2022
Hi, I have to get a laptop with only 8GB of RAM, not that it doesn't suit me, on the contrary, but I had read about the possibility of using virtual RAM memory on your PC, desktop or laptop (paying very small amounts). So, in advance, I wanted to know if there was the possibility in case of being able to have, in addition to the 8gb ddr5 that are physically located in the laptop, additional "virtual" RAM (4gb 8gb), that is, as if I were using a virtual machine from the subscription of Nvidia GeForce Now, but instead of using the whole PC (including cpu, gpu, etc.), use only the RAM, or a part of the RAM of a server PC or RAM coming from particular data centers, such as those of Google that put 100 gb available with the subscription (even if there we talk about hard disk and not RAM). However a similar thing, I know for a fact that it is quite unusual and consequently there are no different choices.