Question Are there any tips you would give to a graphic artist starting with Ubuntu?


Aug 6, 2021
Hi everyone!

I'm new to the world of Linux and I'm excited to take the dive. I recently had a great experience using Ubuntu on a USB stick to troubleshoot a hardware issue, and I'm now considering installing it on my PC.

I've done some research on the basics of Linux, but I'd love to hear about everyone's personal experiences and recommendations.

A little background on me: I'm a semi-retired graphic artist with over 30 years of experience using Macs. I used to do 2D print work, but I also dabbled in C4D a while back. Recently, I've decided to get back into 3D and I've chosen to focus on a Blender-based workflow. My current Mac wasn't cutting it, so I switched to a PC built for power (by last year's standards). The only thing I really dislike about using a PC is Explorer for navigating and viewing files. The file browser in Ubuntu was a nice surprise, though.

So, I'm about to install Ubuntu on a second M2 drive. I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or app recommendations for content creation.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Jan 15, 2021
Hello there.

From my experience, the apps I can recommend are: GIMP, Inkscape, Krita for 2D and Blender for 3D. I believe all of them have Windows counterparts, so you can try them before going on with the switch.

Also, if you decide to go on with the switch and really want to install the OS, I would recommend to first REMOVE the Windows drive and then install the new drive that will host Ubuntu. When the installation is done, you can re-install the Windows drive and switch between then using the UEFI's boot selector. The reason for this is that Windows and GRUB, the boot manager of Ubuntu, don't really like eachother and if you decide to remove or format one of the drives, you might end up without a boot manager, thus a way to boot into your OS.
Things might be WAY better now, after a few years of me not messing with Windows, but better safe than sorry?

Good luck and have fun with whatever you decide to do with your PC!
Mar 3, 2023
It's great to hear that you had a positive experience using Ubuntu on a USB stick and are now considering installing it on your PC. Ubuntu is a great choice for beginners, as it's user-friendly and has a large community of users who can offer support.
As a graphic artist with experience using Macs, you'll likely find the transition to Linux to be relatively smooth. There are a number of Linux-based tools available for content creation, including Blender, which you mentioned you're already familiar with.

In terms of tips for content creation on Linux, it's worth noting that some of the tools you may be used to on Mac may not be available on Linux, so you may need to explore alternative options. For example, if you're used to using Adobe Photoshop, you may want to try out GIMP, which is a free and open-source image editing program that's available on Linux.
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Other apps you may find useful for content creation include Inkscape (for vector graphics), Krita (for digital painting), and Darktable (for photo editing). It's also worth noting that many content creation tools are available through Ubuntu's software center, so it's easy to browse and install new apps.
One thing to keep in mind as you get started with Linux is that it may take some time to get used to the different user interface and file system. However, with a bit of patience and practice, you'll soon find that Linux is a powerful and versatile platform that can meet your content creation needs.
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