Question Are these AM4 Motherboards fake?


Apr 25, 2019
Hi, currently the online market of my country is being flooded with Chinese shops selling AM4 motherboards. I'm curious as to if motherboards can be faked? As they are reputable brands such as MSI, AsRock, etc. and they seem to boot with AM4 CPUs as far as I've read with the reviews.
So I need an knowledgeable person's opinion on them, are they high quality fakes or just Chinese variants of legit motherboards?
I'm honestly tempted to buy one and test it out but I want to hear some opinions first.

Anyways, here are some images I screenshotted and cropped from buyers.
PS: Only 1 star reviews I saw were either some picky buyers complaining about poor packaging like thin bubble wrapping or a dented box but not targeted at the motherboard itself.

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!
Check the printing compared to the official images of the boards on the manufacturer websites. There'd be discrepancies in the fonts and placement. Also the heatsinks wouldn't look quite right. Basically look at the little things.