[SOLVED] Are these good temps for my CPU?


Oct 1, 2018
I have a i7-8700, Thermaltake UX200 ARGB cpu cooler with MX-4 thermal paste, Z390 Aorus Pro motherboard, be quiet! Pure Base 500DX case, with 3 Pure Wings 140mm PWM High-Speed fans, one at the rear, two front intakes, and I left one of the stock fans (non-PWM) to run on the top.

My temps in Prime95 sit around 63-66C, after letting AIDA64 Stability Test run overnight I noticed that the CPU max temps reached 78C on some cores, but not any more above that. The CPU didn't throttle at all, always running at all cores 4.3 GHz, as it should. Every other piece of hardware performed as it should.

During gaming I have 55-65C, in GTA V as a point of reference, whereas before on the pre-built I had 72C+ in GTA V. In some games, the CPU load can be 50% yet the temps stay below 50C.

I also tried Minecraft Bedrock which liked to spike my CPU temps in the 70's when I changed render distance. I changed the render distance to the max on this build, with full antialiasing and particle render distance, and it remained between 60-65C.

I'm concerned if these temps are good or not because my cooler is sagging by about 2-3mm, however it looks like it makes contact with the IHS perfectly and the motherboard isn't bent. Are these temps okay and should I stop worrying and carry on with my new build?