Question Are these RAM chips military spec ?

Sep 25, 2021
hello,I have some Hitachi RAM chips (circa 1987) and they have a stencil that makes me wonder if they are MilSpec:


Do any of you know what the "S-MIL-T" mark means?
Quite possibly as that is an official designation. This means they have to qualifications in terms of expected lifetime, operating & storage conditions (temp/shock/voltages/emf specs), availability, performance, material makeup/packaging and more. We used to have bullet hardened PROMS/EE PROMS for NASA that were purposely designed to resist X-Ray radiation in space (Photon Bullets) which would render a transistor useless.

But I'll be honest with you they aren't worth anything. Even if they still have some use in 80's hardware, selling military grade hardware designed specifically for the military use without official paperwork can get your butt in a serious bind. It could be used by a lesser developed nation state for older hardware. What is one man's novelty, might be another man's radar working again on a F-14

E-Dumpster diving behind Lockheed? Or Boeing?
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