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Question Are these temps normal or should I reseat my cooler?


Jan 1, 2013

I have a Hyper 212 black on a 3600. My case is a q300l which does not have the best airflow but I do have 2 front intakes, a rear exhaust and a top exhaust.

I'm getting between 35-45 on idle. Which seems normal. However, in games like Far Cry 5, I reach around 72c and cpu usage isn't even 100%. In something that seems to more efficiently use multiple cores, I get around 60-63c.

In wildlands, I also get 72c. A friend gets 60c with the same cooler/cpu but in a Corsair 100r. I know it's a larger case but I would think the extra fans would help me close the gap a bit (he just has stock fans)

Just wondering if I should reseat the cooler/reapply thermal paste? I wiggled it quite a bit when installing to align it.

To emphasize, I know these are safe temps but I'm wondering if they're too high for my cooler

I usually think that 10-15c. over ambient at idle is about the best you can do if your cooler is mounted well.
I had to mount a hyper212 the first time and had a hard time of it getting the cooler on level.
You could try remounting.
I actually like the case.
I like that it can handle 2 140mm front intake fans.
Such fans can move a lot of air.
To see if case cooling can be improved, try a test:
Take the side cover off and direct a house fan at the innards.
If that helps much, look at some good 140mm front intakes.
Noctua makes some great 140mm 3000 rpm fans.