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Are These Temps OK for GTS 250


Jun 8, 2009
Hi I have recently bought a XFX GTS 250 but I am really curious about it's Temps.
I had a 9800GT Green Edition before but it had 50c at IDLE & 65c to 70c in full load.

But this GPU is much hot than that, it has 60c when IDLE 82c to 85c in full load with 60% of Fan Speed.

Are these Temps OK for GTS 250 or I have to do some thing for it.
I have a ventilated chases with one rear fan which intakes air & 2 fans at side upper one intakes & lower one is doing exhaust.

Please help me.


Aug 6, 2010
Although some cards can take up to 100c I would personally recommend to keep it under 85c. I would try increasing the fan to a higher rpm like 75-80% and see where the temp stays at those speeds. Then try to lower it in increments of 2.5% untill you find a happy medium where the noise is acceptable to to maintaince it below 85c. You might even consider a utility to automatically adjust the fan speed according to the temperature of the GPU.

Good Luck
If you are not overclocking you should not have to mess with the fan speed at all. Every card runs different temps. 85C at load is find for a GPU. Are you experiencing any issue? If not, just leave it, you will be fine.

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