Question are those fan compatible to my motherboard ?

Aug 29, 2019
Well this might be stupid Question, but I really want help My mother board is (GA-F2A88XM-HD3) My processor is (Amd A8-6600k) Series it is apu so i do not have gpu card And I want to buy 1 of those both CPU fans (Hyper 212 LED Turbo) or (Hyper H411R) specially the hyper 212 led and I know my CPU doesn't need that powerful Fan but I want it for future upgrades and I do not care if I will have to leave the cover of case open but the most important is that I do not remove any of my ram and the fan fits in the mother board it self with no problem, Height is no Problem but width and length are, and my case is no problem too, the motherboard is 9.8 ×6.7 I don't know if I measured it correctly because of the wires , the last thing those fans are the available ones to buy ATM at my place, I said all Info's , someone help plz and sry for mistakes in language and Being smart , thx