[SOLVED] Are Threadrippers suitable for CAM software (CNC machine tool path calculations) ?

Aug 27, 2019
Hi! Looking to upgrade PC with Threadripper (12-16cores) or i7-9700 (8 cores) . My aim is to decrease the calcultaion time of CNC machine toolpath in CAM software (Autodesk Inventor HSM). However, that software is utilizing all the cores the CPU has, my main requirement is precision, because the output toolpath usually having a tolerance of 0.005-0.01mm , and i heard some people say that TR are not good for floating point calculations thats why they are mainly used in rendering and other software where picture's quailty is more important than precision. But i'm not an expert in such things, so maybe you guys could help me out? Thanks!
As it is specialized software, you will need to read what AutoCAD says about ThreadRipper in their support guides.

On a more generalized statement, current ThreadRipper is not as good as Ry3K at floating point operation, yes, so you'd be better off buying the Ry3900X just for CPU calculations around floating point and having as many cores as you can. That being said, it seems like you will also need ECC support, so you'll have to look for one of the unicorns that have ECC for Ryzen3K using the 570X chipset.

AMD said they'll be announcing something about TR as well, so I'd keep an eye on their announcements. If you need to buy now, Ry3900X with ECC RAM should be a good pairing for what you need.

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