Question Are you worried about breaking the warranty for Msi GPUs? When replacing the fan shroud?


Nov 21, 2013
Okay.... so i was really afraid of breaking the warranty when removing the 1070gtx MSi gpu fan shroud. Because at the bottom right corner there is a small sticker over one of the screws, where you have no choice BUT to use your screwdriver which breaks that small sticker.

BUT, contacting MSI warranty department one of the staff members indicated to me that it won't break the warranty, but did warn me not to use too much paste where it may lead to hardware damage, where i wouldn't get the warranty service. I think the staff was more concerned if i was going to use liquid metal.


So, i went along removing the shroud, but was bit worried if i were to mess something up.


But, i didn't, i was happy to use Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound AS5-3.5G

Annnd i couldn't be happier with the results.

Factory Thermal paste:
Idle i was getting 41c (fan not moving), Watching 4k videos 47c to 50c max (fan not moving), gaming about 62 to 65c max.

Artic sliver paste:
Idle currently 31c (fan not moving), 4k videos 44c to 45c max (fan not moving), gaming about 50 to 55c (even in OC mode)

What a decrease!! I was getting really annoyed with how hot to me anyways the gpu was getting when idle. I read this was normal for this kinda GPU. But, just surfing the web, and watching VIDS i was getting sometimes 52c, and it ain't even hot weather yet in Toronto, Canada. Its still COLD.




Those who are concern for Msi GPUs where you may break the warranty, due to that small sticker over one of the screwdrivers, don't be. I just wouldn't risk using liquid metal thermal paste, and just invest in a really good quality polysynthetic paste.


I plowed right into my sticker with the screwdriver without hesitation (MSI GamingX RX480).

Prior to repaste, I was getting 85C @ max fans, after NT-H1 I'm getting 71C with fans around 1200rpm.

Screw warranty, I just want a card that can cool itself.

Looks like you used a LOT of thermal paste there.... should be about half a grain of rice.