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Question ARGB components with Asus aura terminal for AURA Sync

Nov 18, 2019
Hey guys,
I have an ASUS motherboard - z270F which comes with 2x 12v 4 pin RGB headers.
I am purchasing new Aura compatible RGB components which unfortunately come with the 3pin 5v ARGB connection for their lighting. (ASUS Thor PSU, ASUS LC 360mm liquid cooling, 6x Cooler master MF120r)

I understand that ARGB(5v 3pin)and RGB(12v 4pin) are different technologies and cannot be mixed and matched, so I will not be able to connect these new components into my motherboards RGB headers. (3pin to 4 pin adapters have limitations due to technology differences, and is NOT an option for me since I want AURA sync lighting)

However, I am buying the ASUS Aura Terminal, which recieves it's RGB lighting via USB and has 4 slots for ARGB 5v 3 pins.
These are primarily meant for ARGB LED strips.

My question here is, whether I will be able to connect my PSU/Liquid cooling or Fan controllers with the 5v 3pin ARGB directly to the Aura terminal for them to revieve the addressable RGB lighting?

Any thoughts and opinions on this would be helpful.
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