Question ARGB fan hub without pins on motherboard?

Jan 23, 2021
Is it possible (via USB dongle, PSU adapter etc) to use an ARGB fan hub (CiT Rainbow 5p) without motherboard JRAINBOW pins?

I have an MSI h410m-a pro which doesn't support RGB so I was wonder if I can skip the motherboard connection and buy a device to help use my RGB fans.

The CiT Rainbow 5p has a male sata cable and a female 3 pin port (2slots, gap, 1 slot) which my motherboard doesn't have the pins for.

Any links or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a source of a manual for this controller. Moreover, searching shows several sub-versions. All of them appear to be designed specifically for fans supplied with that controller, and they use non-standard 5-pin connections. All of them combine control of fan speeds with control of lighting displays. IF you have this one

I can help understand its connections. To begin, note that version has these particular connections:
  1. Ten 5-pin output ports for ARGB lighted fans by CiT.
  2. On one end are two sockets for Power Input and IR Receiver connection. The photo shows the "other ends" of those two cables. One plugs into a PSU 4-pin Molex power output, and one is a cable with a little IR receiver that you mount outside your case where it can "see" the signls sent by the hand-held remote box.
  3. On the other end is a single socket for a cable that splits into two connectors on the other end. One of these is a standard 4-pin fan female connector with a tag saysing "PWM" that goes to a mobo case fan header to pick up the PWM signal used to control fan speeds. This means the header MUST be a 4-pin header configured to use the newer PWM Mode, not old Voltage Control Mode (aka DC Mode). The other with a tag saying "RESET" must connect to the RESET pushbutton on the front of your case. Almost all cases have one of these, and they are normally used to force a system reset if it freezes up on you, but that is not often. So this system wants you to re-purpose that button for the lighting Hub's use. Inside your case at the bottom front of your mobo there will be a header for the Front Panel with several wires coming to its pins. It has items for the On/Off Power switch, the LED indicators on the front for HDD use and for power on, a speaker, etc. ONE pair of pins will be marked for the RESET pushbutton, and the wires from that button will be plugged in there. Simply disconnect that from the mobo header and connect it to the end of the cable with the RESET tag. Polarity does not matter. It will no longer allow you to force a system Reset; it will be used as a selector button for the lighting displays.
NOTE that this particular version does NOT have any input port for connection to a mobo ARGB header, which you don't have, anyway.

Once this is connected up, the manual control box is your main tool. It has on / off buttons for the lights, a Fan Auto button to let the mobo header's PWM signal control the fan speeds, manual fan speed buttons if you don't use that auto feature, a LED Speed button to step though a selection of speeds of changing the light display, and several buttons to change the type of display and to choose particular fixed colours. With all those controls, I doubt you will use the front panel Reset button. But it is probably a backup, along with the buttons on top of the actual control box, for when your remote does not work.

As you can see, IF this is how yours looks and works, you do NOT need any mobo ARGB header - the control box and its remote do all the lighting controls as as well as fan speed controls.