Question aRGB fans & controller

Oct 11, 2019
Hello, im new pc builder here.
I just bought 6 ARGB fans for my case.
which is from ID Cooling DF-12025-ARGB (trio pack) x2.
each box contain
3 fans, 4pin fan splitter 3to1, argb splitter 4to1, argb remote unit wireless, argb controller(receiver) sata powered.
My motherboard is msi b450 tomahawk max, not support 5v argb, so had to use included controller in pack included.

My question is, I have 6 fans now, so how/best way to connect all this 6 fans argb connector to this argb controller? since they gave 4to1 argb splitter. Each pack come with controller. So i have 2 controller and 2 argb splitter 4to1 3pin now. Should I connect them separately(3fans per controller, i dont know how remote & controller will react since I have 2 argb controller(receiver) sata powered if i build separately, i mean signal)
I just chain all this 6 argb connector to 4to1 (x2) argb splitter and buy 2to1 argb splitter and chain with this both 4to1 splitter and connect to single argb contoller sata powered?
sorry for my English.
Thank you